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24 April 2015
Address by the President of Kazakhstan, the guarantor of the Constitution, to the citizens of Kazakhstan on the implementation of universal suffrage


Dear Kazakhstanis!

Dear compatriots!


You all know that on April 26 an early election of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be held.

The presidential election is an important political event for any country. On the one hand, the citizens are fulfilling their civic duties during the election. On the other hand, they directly implement the principle that the power emanates from the people.

Through the participation in election, each citizen determines his own priorities and paths of further development of the country. I am sure that the people of Kazakhstan will choose the policy of stability, sustainable development, improvement of living standards and strengthening of peace and harmony in our country.

There is a great deal of interest from other countries in the election, therefore more than 1,000 international observers from nearly 40 countries and representatives of almost 200 foreign mass media are expected to take part in the election.

The whole world will be watching the election closely. Therefore it is very important that each person participates in the election. If a person assumes that the election will anyway take place without his participation, the right to determine his own future will remain unexercised.

I am asking everyone to come out and vote. The more voters will participate in the election, the more we will be able to demonstrate to the world our unity and, most importantly, our confidence in the future of the country.

This will strengthen trust, contribute to attracting investments and ensure further development of Kazakhstan, thus improving living standards of the population.


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