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1 March 2018
Congratulations of the Head of State on the Day of Gratitude

Dear Compatriots!

Today we celebrate our common holiday – Day of Gratitude.

On this remarkable day, the nation of Kazakhstan is united in commemoration of the triumph of morality and spirituality during the time of bitter trial.

Kindness, mutual aid and respect for each other made it possible to form a unique atmosphere of friendship and mutual understanding on the fertile Kazakh land, which all people of Kazakhstan cherish and are proud of.

Bright feelings of gratitude to their compatriots and native land fill it with a special, profound meaning.

Therefore, the key value of the Day of Gratitude is preservation of historical memory, strengthening of the connection between generations and the nation’s unity on a solid value-based foundation.

I heartily congratulate all people of Kazakhstan on the Day of Gratitude!

I wish you happiness, prosperity and peace!

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