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6 May 2017
Participation in the ceremony of awarding supergrade, special and class ranks

In his speech, the Head of State noted the significant professional growth of the Kazakh army during the years of independence and stressed that the highest ranks are awarded only to the most worthy of its representatives.

- It is especially symbolic that today's ceremony takes place on the eve of a big anniversary - the 25th anniversary of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan. It is a significant historical milestone for our valiant army, which has become a reliable guarantor of the country’s sovereignty. Over the years of independence, its potential has been significantly strengthened due to military reforms and the systematic modernization of weapons and equipment, Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

The President of Kazakhstan drew attention to the need to further maintain the high professionalism and combat readiness of all structures in the sphere of the country’s security and defense in the context of new global threats, while noting the special role of the commander's corps.

- You are the bearers of military covenants and traditions of ancestors, an example of impeccable service for all personnel. The quality of combat training and the state of affairs in the troops and law enforcement institutions depend on your competent leadership. All your strengths, knowledge and experience should be aimed at ensuring security, protecting the rule of law and the constitutional order. You are fulfilling the most responsible mission in the society - protecting the peaceful life of Kazakhstan’s nation and the values ​​of our Independence, the Head of State said.

In conclusion, Nursultan Nazarbayev wished everyone health, happiness and further success.

During the ceremony, a  Lieutenant General  military rank was awarded to T.Muhtarov, a special rank of the National Security Lieutenant General  to S.Abish, A.Sadykulov, a Major General rank to D.Adyrbekov, E.Aldazhumanov, Zh.Ahmetov, T.Abishev , T.Amriev, V.Bekker, S.Ismailov, K.Karakulov, B.Kurmanbaev and K.Tasibekov, the rank of the aviation Major General to T.Koishikulov, the rank of Rear Admiral to K.Eseneev, a special rank of the National Security General Major to K.Adambekov, a special rank of the Police Major General to B. Aimagambetov and M.Kyzylov, the highest qualification class of Category 3 to  T.Tatubaev, a class rank of State Counselor of Justice, Class 3, to K.Igembaev, E.Sybankulov and A.Chindaliev.

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