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6 May 2017
Participation in the ceremony of presenting the state awards

Opening the ceremony, the Head of State congratulated all those present on the upcoming Defender of the Fatherland Day and Victory Day.

- According to a good tradition, the state awards are given to you on the eve of Defender of the Fatherland Day and Victory Day. These holidays are especially dear to us. The World War II is an outstanding example of heroism and courage of the older generations. The memory of that is to live forever, the President of Kazakhstan said.

Nursultan Nazarbayev noted the special role of law enforcement agencies and the Army in ensuring the country’s security and independence and stressed that their dedication and professionalism deserve the highest appreciation and respect.

- You are a striking example of a worthy service to the Fatherland. Your selfless devotion to your native land and heroic deeds are an example and a moral guide for the younger generation. I am confident that you will continue to honor the title of a serviceman and law enforcement officer of our country with honor. We appreciate your difficult service and military work for the good of the people, the Head of State addressed the ceremony participants.

In conclusion, the President of Kazakhstan thanked all the ceremony participants for their impeccable service and wished them health, prosperity and new achievements.

- I am very pleased today to present you these awards. It is a measure of your work and your service evaluation. Military personnel and the law-enforcement system are the support of the state and our independence. You receive awards at a significant time, in the year of the 25th anniversary of our country’s Armed Forces, the Head of State said.

During the ceremony, “Dank” Order, Degree 1, has been awarded to B. Asylov, the North Kazakhstan Prosecutor, M. Ayubayev, the State Guard Deputy Director, the Head of Point Defense Service, R. Zhaksylykov, the National Guard Commander-in-Chief, K. Karazhanov, the Head of the Ministry of Defense Main Inspectorate, and to M.Maikeev, the first Deputy Minister of Defense and the Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces.

“Dank” Order, Degree II, has been given to I. Lepekha, the Chairman of the Administrative Police Committee, the Interior Ministry, and D.Ospanov, the Commander of “West” regional command, the Defense Ministry.

D. Bartenov, the first Deputy Head of the National Security Committee Department, was awarded  “Aibyn" Order, Degree 1.

“Aibyn” Order, Degree II, was presented to I. Auesbaev, Deputy Head of the National Security Committee Department in Astana, T. Gizzatov, the Head of the National Security Committee Department in West Kazakhstan, E. Lavrenyuk, the Deputy Head of the State Security Service, T.Saparbayev, the Commander of Military Unit 30212, the Ministry of Defense, and to T. Ismailov, the first Deputy Commander of “Vostok” regional command troops, the Ministry of Defense, and the Chief of Staff.

"Aibyn" Order, Degree III, was awarded to N.Akhmetullin, the Commander of the Ceremonial Battalion Department, military unit 0112, the Point Defense Service of the State Security Service, and to M.Rahimbekov, the Cadet Corps Sergeant of the Ministry of Defense.

"Erligi Ushin" medal was presented to B.Aitelenov, the Akmola region senior criminal investigator of the Interior Ministry, N.Zhidekhanov, the Head of Aktobe region operational department of KA-168/3 institution, the Interior Ministry, A.Salkeev, the senior fire fighter in brigade 8 of the Emergency Department in Astana city, the Interior Ministry, and to Zh.Tazhibaev, the Deputy Head of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau Department, Agency for Civil Service Affairs and Anti-Corruption.

"Zhauengerlik Erligi Ushin" medal was awarded to A. Azimbaev,  Head of the Government Communications Service Department, the National Security Committee, S. Elubayev, Commander of military unit 41433, Ministry of Defense, A. Raikova, the instructor-sergeant of the Sports Committee, the Central Sports Club of the Defense Ministry Army, N.Terguebaev,  Deputy Commander of the Air Squadron in military unit 55652, Ministry of Defense, and A.Tulegenov, Commander of Assault Battalion in military unit 32363 of the Defense Ministry.

"Eren Enbegi Ushin" medal was awarded to G. Baidildaeva, the medical hospital deputy chief, and the head of the medical section in the main military clinical hospital of the Defense Ministry.

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