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24 February 2017
The meeting of the Working Group on Reauthorization of Governmental Branches takes place in Akorda

This week the period of nation-wide discussion of "On Amendments and Addenda to Kazakhstan’s Constitution" Draft Law terminates.

The meeting noted a high level of interest in the society to the constitutional reform initiated by the Head of State. The Working Group has received about three thousand calls with proposals to enhance the role of Parliament, the Government and the responsibility of local authorities, improvement of law enforcement and judicial systems, as well as the issues concerning property rights. They affect both the President’s constitutional powers, and powers established by the country’s laws.

The working group members summarize and carefully consider all proposals received. Domestic and foreign experts and relevant state authorities are involved in that activity.

"On Amendments and Addenda to Kazakhstan’s Constitution" Draft Law will be finalized and submitted to the Head of State at the end of the public discussion.

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