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18 January 2016
Consultations with Chairman of the Constitutional Council Igor Rogov

During the meeting Nursultan Nazarbayev and Igor Rogov discussed the initiative to hold early parliamentary election in Kazakhstan.

The President noted that he had received an appeal of the Majilis deputies saying the initiative is justified by the need for effective implementation of the far-reaching reforms and the government anti-crisis measures. He also said he had consulted with the chairmen of both chambers of parliament and the prime minister.

Igor Rogov, in turn, stressed that in accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 63 of the Constitution, the Parliament or the Mazhilis can be dissolved by the President of Kazakhstan after holding consultations with the chairs of the chambers of parliament and the prime minister.

In addition, Igor Rogov pointed out that under the Constitution, if the Parliament or the Mazhilis of the Parliament are dissolved by the President, an early election needs to be held within two months from the date of early termination of the powers of the Mazhilis or the Parliament. He noted that holding early election for the Mazhilis at the same time as elections for the maslikhats fully complies with the Constitution.

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