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7 February 2017
The meeting with the Prosecutor General Zhakip Asanov

During the meeting Zhakip Asanov reported to the President on the results of the law enforcement institutions for 2016 and the activity plan for the period ahead.

Kazakhstan’s President noted the importance of the reforms aimed at improving the public security upgrading in the country.

- During all these years we have been carrying out reforms in all spheres. As a result of 25 years of independence we are celebrating the positive economic growth and people's welfare improvement. However, questions of law enforcement system always hold sway. We have taken appropriate measures, and legislative amendments have been made, Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

The Head of State stressed that last year the police were punishable, if the number of recorded crimes exceeded indicators of the previous year.

- The facts were concealed and improved in order to avoid punishment. Now all the facts should be registered on a mandatory basis, the President of Kazakhstan said.

The President was informed about the measures taken to reduce the number of the business community inspections in the framework of executing orders given at the Government’s enlarged session. In addition, the Attorney General noted ongoing efforts to strengthen bilateral relations in the field of law enforcement training in the field of combating economic offenses.

According to Zhakip Asanov as part of the five institutional reforms and the Kazakh President’s Address "Third Modernization: Global Competitiveness" all the necessary measures are being taken currently in dealing with the tasks assigned to the prosecution authorities, including the transition of administrative and criminal proceedings to the electron digital format, as well as individual projects’ implementation.

- Another indicator of public security improvement is the number of inmates in prisons. In the early 90s in Kazakhstan there were about 100 thousand prisoners, today in prison there are three times less of them; it is about 36 thousand people, the Prosecutor General said.

In conclusion, the President of Kazakhstan emphasized the special role of the Prosecutor's Office as a supervisory body of the country for observing the legislation, noting the need for more careful monitoring of the progress of the five institutional reforms and the Address to Kazakhstan’s Nation.

Following the meeting the Head of State has given the specific instructions.

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