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Nur-Sultan - Kazakhstan
11 December 2018
Participation in Industrialization Map projects’ presentation and ceremony of Paryz and Altyn Sapa awarding
Astana, EXPO Congress Centre

Prior to the event, Nursultan Nazarbayev visited the exhibition, which shows industrialization projects and digitalization programs.

During the teleconference on Day of Industrialization, the Head of State had a look at 28 new projects completed as part of the Industrial and Innovative Development Program.

- Today we have once again finalized the industrialization development for the current year. Congratulations to everybody on startup of new projects, new specialties and new income for the population, the President of Kazakhstan said.

The remarkable thing is that, despite the current troubled circumstances in the world, restructurings and institutional reforms are in progress in our country.

- We are taking measures for economic diversification. We are carrying out an extensive work on updating the conditions for doing business, improving the investment climate and the judicial system. Last year we launched the Third Modernization. This year I have announced the implementation of Five Social Initiatives. The focus of the current Address is growth in prosperity and quality of life of Kazakhstan’s nation, the Head of State said.

The President of Kazakhstan stressed that today the country faces major challenges to further diversify, improve infrastructure and increase productivity.

Nursultan Nazarbayev noted the key role of the industrialization program in creating the country’s sustainable and diversified economy and separately focused on the specific results of its actualization.

- During the years of industrialization, we started up 1,250 new enterprises, of which only this year alone 100 were launched. More than 300 thousand jobs have been created. Today, 110 countries in the world consume our products. Within recent years, we have begun to produce more than 500 types of products not previously manufactured in Kazakhstan, and to export about 50 new types of goods, the Head of State said.

The President of Kazakhstan has drawn attention to the fact that one fourth of all foreign investment falls on the processing sector.

In addition, Nursultan Nazarbayev spoke about the projects put into practice in the field of metallurgy and mechanical engineering, infrastructure development and the transport and logistics industry.

- We are bringing into being supportive environment for ensuring the high quality of life of our citizens. The construction of housing in the framework of Nurly Zher Program is underway. Last year we reached the record rates in construction; over 11.2 million square meters built and commissioned. This year it is planned to put in commission 12 mln. sq.m. of housing, or more than 100 thousand residential units, the Head of State said.

The President of Kazakhstan fixed on the process of digitalizing various economic sectors  and the introduction of innovative solutions in manufacturing process of a number of enterprises in the country.

- Technological upgrade of industry with elements of the fourth industrial revolution is integral to the industrial program. Kazakhstan's economy should head over to a fundamentally new growth model that ensures competitiveness in the global market. It is necessary to fully use and build up the existing economic potential as part of the EAEU and China’s One Belt and One Road International Initiative, Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

The Head of State underscored the importance of detailed consideration of the third industrialization program strategy with the emphasis on specific results.

- By the year 2025, labor productivity should go up 1.7 times, and export of products - 2.3 times. To support the manufacturing industry and non-resource exports, it has been tasked to allocate additional KZT 500 billion. These funds will be channeled to expand the tools of comprehensive financial and non-financial support for export-oriented enterprises, the President of Kazakhstan said.

Nursultan Nazarbayev noted that in all areas of the manufacturing industry there would be a transition from industry priorities in favor of supporting efficient producers.

- It is necessary to spur development of "the economy of simple things." It is necessary to aim at the import substitution of technologically simple consumer goods. I have instructed to provide additional liquidity in the amount of KZT 600 billion for extending credit to priority projects by second-tier banks, the Head of State said.

In addition, the President of Kazakhstan emphasized the importance of raising labor productivity and strengthening the private sector.

- It is needed to intensify work on actualizing the results of scientific and technical activities in the real economy. For example, there are 120 research laboratories opened at Nazarbayev University. Scientific research should focus on the orders of specific enterprises, which provide for solving production problems, including through private investment, Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

The Head of State has also pointed out the need to involve the Astana International Financial Centre and the Astana Hub International Technopark of IT Startups in the process of industrial development. At the same time, the Government was instructed to concentrate its efforts on a comprehensive solution to the issues of diversification and industrialization.

At the end of the event, the President of Kazakhstan presented awards to the winners of Paryz and Altyn Sapa prizes, as well as a special award to the heads of the regions for creating the most favorable conditions for doing business.

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