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Nur-Sultan - Kazakhstan
1 June 2018
Participation in the expanded meeting of Nur Otan Party’s Political Council
Astana, Palace of Independence

Members of the Political Council - leadership of the Government, the Parliament, the Presidential Administration, Secretary of State, members of Nur Otan faction in Majilis, heads of central and local executive bodies, videoconference representatives from all regions of the country - regional governors, secretaries of regional maslikhat, the first deputy chair people of the regional branches of the Party have also attended the meeting.

The Political Council considered issues of systemic party modernization and organization of public control over implementing Five Presidential Social Initiatives were considered. During the exchange of views, Nursultan Nazarbayev discussed the issues of adaptation and training of young people, details and mechanisms of implementation of Five Social Initiatives and ensure public scrutiny of their actualization.

Having heard the reports on the meeting’s agenda, the President noted the important role of Nur Otan Party in implementing and monitoring the actualization of government programs.

The President of Kazakhstan pointed to the high rates of world development and economic processes, stressing the need to adapt to new global challenges.

- Everything that we plan to realize is necessary for us to be competitive. The third economic modernization, 100 Steps plan of the nation completely determine what we should do, Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

The Head of State focused attention on the importance of implementing Digital Kazakhstan Program and party projects in the field of digitalization.

The President of Kazakhstan spoke in detail about the conclusions made after the work of the Astana Economic Forum.

- Quality management is required in order to keep up with global development. This implies public service improvement. We decided to ensure transparency in the process of admission to the civil service and promote the principle of meritocracy. The Party shall carry control over the implementation of this step,  Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

In addition, the Head of State noted the need to attract investment and form a competitive country.

- Investments will come to a country where the rule of law ensured, inviolable contracts, and where there are educated civil servants. Moreover, the competitiveness in modern conditions is digitalization, the President of Kazakhstan said.

Nursultan Nazarbayev also stressed the effectiveness of digitalization in preventing and combating  corruption.

The Head of State dwelled on the agro-industrial complex progress, ensuring productivity growth and increasing agricultural exports.

- The state successfully works in the event that the country has a favourable social situation. This is the main task of the government. Everything that the state does is for the people, Nursultan Nazarbayev emphasized.


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