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12 September 2016
Visiting Hazret Sultan mosque

Addressing the audience the President congratulated all people of Kazakhstan on Kurban Ait and spoke with the faithful.

-Today Muslims around the world and Kazakhstan celebrate bright holiday of Kurban Ait. As you know, over the past 10 years Kurban Ait and Christmas have become holidays. That reflects the State’s concern both about Islamic and Christian religions, said Kazakh President.

Nursultan Nazarbayev also stressed that all the progress made over the years of independence has been made possible thanks to the unity and peace in our country.

- Every religion of the world calls us to unity, charity and mutual respect. The Koran says, if you're full and your neighbor is hungry, you cannot be considered a Muslim. It also says that Muslims are not divided into groups and sects. A true Muslim is the one who helps people, society and his homeland, and considers all the world religions equal, said the Head of State.

Finally, Kazakhstan's President once again congratulated everybody on the holiday and wished happiness, prosperity and success.

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