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22 September 2016
Visiting a newly-built sports palace
Petropavlovsk city

During the visit to the Palace of Sports the President of Kazakhstan saw over the athletic arena, ice arena and a training base.

The Head of State has been demonstrated exhibition performance in modern rhythmic gymnastics, as well as training sessions for athletics and hockey.

Besides, Nursultan Nazarbayev met with the public members of North Kazakhstan region.

The meeting was attended by businesspeople, social workers, veterans, youth activists, leaders of public organizations and ethno-cultural associations.

During the meeting the Head of State noted that North Kazakhstan region is the leading agro-industrial area of the country, producing a third of the national volume of grain crops. Also, attention was paid to the contribution of the region to improve Kazakhstan’s competitiveness of. The President of Kazakhstan emphasized that during the years of independence a lot had been achieved, but it is essential to do still more for well-being and welfare of every Kazakhstan’s family.

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