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6 October 2007
Documents on Establishing a Custom Union between Byelorussia, Kazakhstan and Russia Are Signed in the Framework of the Session of the Interstate Council of the Eurasian Economic Community in Dushanbe

Today, Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev participated in the session of the Interstate Council of the Eurasian Economic Community, which is a milestone event. The Treaty on establishing the EurAsEC was signed in Astana seven years ago on 10 October, 2000.

The Eurasian Economic Community has turned into a significant regional union having an international recognized reputation. The total area of Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, which are member states of EurAsEC, is equal to about 20.5 million square kilometers, and have population of about 205 million people. The EurAsEC countries make more than 80 percents of international ties in the framework of the CIS; more than 60 percents of custom tariffs have been agreed between the states. The normative legal basis regulating relations between the six states in many areas in the framework of the Commonwealth consists of about one hundred international treaties. Moldova, Ukraine and Armenia have observer status in the Commonwealth.

However, up to this time there is no common market in the territory of EurAsEC member states. In this regard, the formation of EurAsEC Custom Union is one of the most actual issues on the agenda.

Documents signed in the framework of the Community’s Interstate Council imply the formation of the Custom Union in the format “Byelorussia-Kazakhstan-Russia” and create basis for determining a unified custom territory with coordinated trade policy in relation to third countries and without any barriers and limits in mutual trade.

The Protocol on making amendments and additions to the Treaty of establishing the EurAsEC has a special importance amongst those documents that were signed today, because its adoption determined the status of the Interstate Council of the EurAsEC as the supreme body of the Custom Union, as well as the status of the Community’s Court.

The integration process cannot be simple. It is necessary to jointly adopt several agreements in order to obtain concrete results. In this regard, the Heads of State instructed to sign developed by experts agreements on establishing the Custom Union at the nearest sitting of Heads of Governments.

Kazakhstan also supports the conception of effective using water and hydro power resources of the Central Asian region and forming a common energy market of EurAsEC member states.

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