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7 March 2007
Head of State Nursultan Nazarbaev attended roundtable talks on the topic “The role of Kazakhstani women in politics, business and social area”.

Participated in the work of the forum were women from all regions of the country including members of the State Commission for family affairs and gender policy supervised by the President, Parliament deputies, members of the Government, Central Election Commission, Counting Committee for control of the republican budget execution, Constitutional Council, state employees, representatives of political parties, Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan, science and education, public health care and sport, creativeness, mass media, non-governmental organizations, business communities.

The President congratulated all women on the International Women’s Day and thanked them for the significant contribution to the development of the country.

- You grant life to new generations of Kazakhstani people, bring up and educate our children, our hope and joy. This is such an invaluable gift to our future, and all treasures of the world worth nothing in comparison with it. We are thankful so much for this! The society is owed to you and now is starting to repay its debt. Together with the successful fulfillment of our plans we will strengthen the support of motherhood and childhood. We will try to raise the women’s status to a dignified level. I was convinced one more time that our women are able to work in all areas, including business, policy, chief executive positions and at the same time remain perfect wives and mothers, - Nursultan Nazarbaev said.

Participants of the roundtable talks discussed different aspects of gender policy, issues of raising women’s role in economic, political and social life of the country, implementation of the Address of the Head of State, particularly, in the area of social support of motherhood and childhood.

The President also thanked members of the National Commission for family and women affairs for the great deal of work, which was done in the area of gender policy and noted the importance of further implementation of “Strategy of gender equality in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2006-2016”.

The Head of State put an emphasis on the social issues, concerned in the Address to the people of Kazakhstan.

- The growth of the living standards of Kazakhstani people is the most important priority of the Address, delivered by me one week ago. Issues of social care about motherhood and childhood take an important place in the social block of the Address. “Those, who protect women’s rights, protect children’s rights, protect future”. This sentence by Victor Hugo is still true today. Realizing the exceptional importance of social care about motherhood and childhood, we increase one-time and monthly allowances for delivery and child-minding, and also introduce compulsory social insurance of pregnancy, delivery and motherhood. Besides, pension savings of women will continue to accumulate during maternity leave, - Nursultan Nazarbaev said.

Invigoration allowances of monthly salary during annual leave will be introduced for workers of education, public health care, social protection, culture and sport.

- Because of the large-scale programs in social area we could achieve a significant improvement in the demographic situation of the country. In 2005 the natural population growth was at 121 thousand people due to increased birth rates. For example, in 2000 some 220 thousands of children were born, and in 2006 their number was about 290 thousands, - the Head of State noted.

The President noted that “women of Kazakhstan have been actively taking part in the social political life of the country”. Today 60 percents of administrative state employees are women. 61 percents of workers in the judicial system of the country are women, 42 percents of judges are women, including 35 percents of workers in the Supreme Court. Also almost 40 percents of entrepreneurs are women.

At the same time the Head of State noted the necessity of increasing women’s representation on senior positions in the executive and representative branches of state power and called political parties to promote more women to executive positions.

- Only 9 percents of the Parliament’s deputies are women, 17 percents of workers of local executive organs are women. Very few women work as governors. However, there are three female Ministers in the new Cabinet, what makes 20 percents. This is the highest figure amongst other countries of CIS, - the President emphasized.

During a solemn ceremony the Head of State awarded the Altyn Alka and Kumis Alka pendants upon some mothers having many children, namely Ulbolsyn Akhmetova from the town of Temirtau, Dariga Itbaeva from the Bukhar-Zhyrau district of the Karaganda region, Kulzhamilia Taimanova from the city of Astana and Faina Hashieva from the town of Shchuchinsk of the Akmola region.

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