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16 May 2007
Head of State Nursultan Nazarbaev Delivered a Speech at the Joint Sitting of the Parliament’s Chambers and Introduced a Bill of the Law "On Making Amendments and Additions to the Constitution of the Country.




Serious constitutional amendments that must radically change the political system of the state were submitted for the Parliament’s consideration.

- I suggest following the way of such amendments to the Constitution, when the republic remains presidential, but with significantly broadened authorities of Parliament. This will transform the model of our republic from presidential to presidential parliamentary one, - Nursultan Nazarbaev stated.

It is the issue of strengthening the Parliament’s role, increasing the number of deputies, new procedures of forming the Government on the principles of parliamentary majority, introduction of proportional election system of deputies to the lower chamber of Majilis, cancellation of the party affiliation of the Senate deputies and many other political innovations.

The Head of State suggested increasing the number of Majilis deputies up to 107 deputies. 98 deputies will be elected according to the proportional system, and 9 deputies will represent the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan. It is also suggested to increase the number of deputies in the Senate by increasing the presidential quota that will be changed from 7 up to 15 deputies. Some of them will be appointed after consultations with the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan.

- It is necessary to do that in order to take into account the interests of large ethnic groups and will serve to the further consolidation of the society. Hence, the number of the Parliament’s deputies will increase by 38 persons and will be equal to 154 deputies. This is a normal proportion for 15 millions of our people, - Nursultan Nazarbaev noted.

According to suggested by the bill new procedures of forming the Government, Prime Minister has to be appointed by President after consultations with factions of political parties and by the appropriation of a majority of the Parliament’s deputies.

- I would like to emphasize that the key moment is in the establishment of new procedures of the forming and functioning of the Government on the basis of parliamentary majority. Now the Parliament plays the main role in appointing Prime Minister and consequently the Government.

The implementation of such an approach will first of all raise the role of political parties in forming the Government. Secondly, it will lead to that that the party having a parliamentary majority will be responsible for the formation and consequent actions of the Government, which will implement the program of the winning party or coalition, - the President underscored.

Concerning the choice of the election system the Head of State said that the suggested transfer to elections of Majilis deputies under proportional elective system would ensure representation and take into account the specific features of the country.

- The new form of conducting elections in Kazakhstan will offer political parties additional opportunities for strengthening their role in the political system of the country, and will reflect the real status of political forces and the population’s will, - Nursultan Nazarbaev said.

The President offered to refuse the constitutional prohibition of state financing of social associations and to develop practical mechanisms for partial support of the activities of political parties from the republican budget.

Also the President thinks that a retraction of the presidential term from 7 down to 5 years would be appropriate, and also it was suggested that regions’ governors must be elected with the appropriation of corresponding maslikhats (regional elective entity).

Judicial confirmation of an arrest is going to be introduced in the area of judicial law reform. Also the actual abolition of the death penalty has been announced in Kazakhstan.

- Having established in the Constitution that the death penalty can be applied to those who committed terrorist acts caused casualties or especially violent crimes during a war, Kazakhstan by doing that has become a country that virtually do not practice capital punishment, - Nursultan Nazarbaev underscored.

The President said while presenting the new packet of initiatives on altering the current Constitution that was adopted in 1995:

- I am sure that it is time to make the amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan and enter a new stage in the development of our country. I hope that the Parliament will intensively work on the legislative support of the new stage of democratization in Kazakhstan.

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