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9 November 2006
Head of State Nursultan Nazarbaev took part in the award ceremony of the laureates of the prize “For achievements in the area of quality” and the winners of the republican exhibition-competition “Altyn Sapa”.

The President congratulated the participants of the competition on the International Quality Day.

- We have decided to build an innovative economy and have set the task to join the number of the fifty most competitive countries in the world. It is necessary to diversify the economy, to apply new technologies in industry, to produce competitive and top-quality goods in order to achieve the goal. Therefore we are implementing the Strategy for industrial innovative development and are intending to introduce international quality standards to all branches of the economy. The Fund for developing petty entrepreneurship offers preferential loans under the condition of introducing quality standards. Grants without compensation are available to enterprises in the agricultural complex for covering expenditures on introducing international standards. The implementation of outlined plans will require great efforts by local manufacturers. We need new Kazakhstan brands and native products saleable on the world markets. In order to stimulate these processes, we have initiated the competition-exhibition “Altyn Sapa””, and the prize “For the achievements in the area of quality”. I would remark that similar premiums are awarded in more than forty countries in the world. I have viewed the exhibition, at which more than 90 winners of regional competitions were represented, and would like to say that our manufacturers are able to produce goods of high quality. Today we have short-listed the participants and announced the winners. Now they will be famous and recognizable. The quality mark of this competition will be used for marketing purposes by the enterprises, - Nursultan Nazarbaev said while delivering speech at the ceremony.  

The Head of State signed the decree “About competition for the prize “For the achievements in the area of quality” of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and republican competition-exhibition “Altyn Sapa”” in October 2006.

The prize is awarded annually on a competitive basis for significant achievements in the area of production quality or quality of service, maintaining consumer safety, and also for applying highly effective management means for quality management. Commission on awarding the title of the prize’s laureate and title of the competition-exhibition’s winner considers applications in the following three nominations: “The best industrial enterprise”, “The best enterprise producing consumer goods”, “The best service enterprise”. Two prizes are awarded in each nomination: one to a small or medium sized enterprise and another for a large-scale enterprise. 

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