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8 February 2007
Head of State Nursultan Nazarbaev visited Astanagenplan SFE and held a council on matters of the capital’s development, in which Prime Minister Karim Massimov and Astana’s Mayor Askar Mamin took part.

The President got a familiarity with the conception of construction in the new center of the capital and with the project of reconstruction in the “old’ city. The Head of State also viewed projects of the Kazakh dramatic theater, monuments Independence, Nations’ Friendship, ALZHIR’s Victims.

- The capital is being dynamically and extensively built up, and the Kazakhstani people and our guests astonish at the construction, the capital spirit is being formed, and significant changes are being occurred in the mentality of Astana’s residents. We have to build the beautiful city and to create a unique unrepeatable atmosphere in our capital. A great work has been done already, but we have to do much more, - Nursultan Nazarbaev said while opening the council.

The President paid a special attention to problematic factors, which are arose during the construction of the city, and determined a number of concrete tasks on the further development of the city for the Government and governors of the capital.

The Head of State outlined the requirements, which must be taken into account while building Astana, and which include the following ones: the necessity of constructing affordable underground communal parking, prohibition of spot construction and introduction of complex construction, ensuring engineering infrastructure and social objects by the investors, keeping all civil engineering standards, protection of the capital’s general architectural appearance.

The President noted the necessity of using experience obtained in other cities and capitals of the world while making decisions on the further development of Astana. Also the Head of State put an emphasis on issues of refining the capital’s industrial zone and on development of high-technologic manufacturing there.

The President commissioned the Government together with the akimat (city house) of Astana with the task to organize an expertise of the conception for correcting the general construction plan of the capital with the participation of foreign and local specialists.

- The general construction plan of the capital must be protected against any lobbyist influence by investors and private sector. The general plan is the city’s constitution. The order of its correction must be reasonable and conservative. It must be avoid that anyone could make amendments to the plan. The sole criterion must be a high-professional and accurate conclusion of experts while making a decision. Clear rules must be determined, which will regulate the key aspects of the city’s development, and a clear procedure on making amendments to the general plan must be developed, - Nursultan Nazarbaev said.

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