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25 May 2006
Head of the State Nursultan Nazarbaev attended the “Ak kaiyn” nursery forest of the republican state enterprise “Zhasyl aimak” and viewed the suburb forest-planting zone of the Astana city.

-Forest plantations and planting of greenery in Astana and around it are a united project of building capital. I supervise questions of planting greenery in the city since 1997, when Astana became a capital. Today it is possible to say that we have planted about 30 thousand hectares of new forest, and if we add 10 thousand hectares of the initially growing here forest, it means that 40 thousand hectares of forest are rustling around Astana. It is planned to plant up to 150 hectares of forest in the future, and also there is a task of prolonging the Borovoe forest area to Astana.  Therefore our capital will be surrounded by the forest, and this will protect it of wind and will improve ecology.  

The “Zhasyl el” state program is implemented now at full capacity, 30-35 thousand hectares of forest territories are annually planted in Kazakhstan due to the program. 100 thousand hectares have been planted over the last three years. Such large-scale programs on increasing forest territories are implemented in a few countries. According to our forest code, if an enterprise fells a one hectare of forest for industrial purposes, it is obliged to plant 2 hectares of forest and pay expenditures required for growing the forest for 10 years. Because of that Kazakhstan’s forest territories are expanding. It is very important for our Steppe people, for our expanses. Planting of greenery is a big noble mission, - the Head of the State said in a press briefing.    

The square of the “Ak kaiyn” nursery forest is equal to 110 hectares, 30 species of trees and bushes are cultivated there, and 6.5 million saplings are planted annually.     

The Head of the State attended the territory of the forest zone planted around the capital in 1997.

-This forest is the President’s brainchild. The Head of the State suggested creating a sanitary protective zone around Astana 9 year ago. Such a forest is growing virtually in all settlements, which surround the capital. That was the President’s idea, who created so beautiful forest in the Steppe. We plant 5 thousand hectares every year, 75 thousand hectares will be planted by 2015, - Zhumatai Suindikov, the Director of the republican state enterprise “Zhasyl el” said to journalists.     

Besides, the Head of the State attended the “Asyl tulik” republican pedigree center for developing animal husbandry.

“Asyl tulik” RPC JSC was created in 2001 on the basis of the Celinograd regional state pedigree station in the framework of the state program “Preserving, development and usage of agricultural plants, animals and microorganisms”.  

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