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1 September 2006
Head of the state Nursultan Nazarbaev delivered a speech at the opening meeting of the third session of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.



The President’s speech covered the forthcoming modernization of state management based on the principles of corporate management, transparency and social accountability in the framework of the administrative reform. 

-We will build up a completely new model of state management that gives priority to the quality of state services and to interests of their consumers. The state machine must function on the principles of corporate management, transparency and social accountability with taking into consideration the best international practice, - Nursultan Nazarbaev pointed out.   

The Head of the state outlined main directions of the administrative reform, which include improving structure of state organs, boosting salary of state employees, attainment of a higher quality of state services, rating estimation of state organs’ activities, usage of new methods in the budget process, increasing stability, sustainability and controllability of the state machine, fight against corruption, formation and strengthening of a positive image of state service.    


Also the President commissioned the administrative reform working group to develop and to offer suggestions on reformation of the law-enforcement system, budget sphere, education and healthcare systems using modernization principles of the administrative system.   

-The logic of Kazakhstan’s entering into the new stage of its development requires a scrupulous consideration and accurate implementation of the corresponding reforms in state management, in the political system and, possibly, in the Constitution. Finally we must implement an optimal model for our country’s political and state structure. Obviously, the modernization of state management and fulfillment of political reforms will consolidate our society; strengthen the reputation and authority of Kazakhstan in the international arena. That will allow Kazakhstan to become one of the centers of international policy, civilization dialogue, stability and integration in the Central Asian region, -Nursultan Nazarbaev said.      

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