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9 May 2006
Head of the State Nursultan Nazarbaev laid flowers to the Perpetual Flame of the Fame Memorial in the Park of the 28 Panfilov guardsmen in the Almaty city and congratulated veterans on the 61st Anniversary of Great Victory in the World War

-Today we are celebrating the 61st Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic war. I sincerely congratulate veterans, all the people of Kazakhstan on this great holiday! This day we are paying a tribute of respect and gratefulness to those, who protected our present and future. The famous generation of our fathers and grandfathers showed to the whole world an exceptional example of heroism and courage, selfless serving Fatherland.  
Time is not able to weaken our memory on the unfading feat of the war generation, who fought for freedom and independence of our Motherland to death. Today we bow down before the dead, more than 20 million of Soviet people, including 1.5 million of kazakhstanies, who sacrificed their lives for our Independence in a fight against Fascism enslavement of all people in the world. They have become an example of courage and true patriotism for us, bless him. More than 60 years have passed, but we will not forget feats of our fathers and grandfathers. We will always remember the feat of front-line soldiers. Therefore we are celebrating this Victory Anniversary here, in the Park of the 28 Panfilov guardsmen. Let the names of these fighters be illuminated by our grateful memory, our love and sorrow, - N. Nazarbaev said to the veterans.

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