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4 May 2006
Head of the State Nursultan Nazarbaev received Bernard Bot, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Questions of broadening collaboration in the trade – economical area were discussed during the meeting. The sides noted a positive trend and great prospects for developing collaboration in the priority areas.

- I have had an excellent meeting with your President. I am fairly impressed by what is happening here, in your capital, because it shows the dynamism, the enthusiasm and the forward looking spirit of the Kazakh people. We also have talked about the program of the President to make Kazakhstan one of the 50 most competitive nations in the world in 2012, and I have said that this is a very good, a very positive program, because it shows the elements and the components to reach all of these can pay attention and to which all of these can pay tribute, - Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands said in a press briefing.   

The Kingdom of the Netherlands is a leading investor in the Kazakhstan economy. The country became the first large investor in our country in 2005, and the second investor on the whole after the USA. Bernard Bot declared intentions of Netherlands companies to increase investments in the energetic, financial and agricultural fields of Kazakhstan. 

- Furthermore, we had an extensive discussion about the importance of developing small and medium business in Kazakhstan. The President says that he considers the development of this sector essential for general development of the country and for bringing stability and democracy and respect of human rights. Whereas it is possible we will help to develop this sector in your country, – The diplomat remarked.   

Bernard Bot also made an emphasis on that the Netherlands will completely support the candidacy of Kazakhstan for OSCE presidency in 2009.  

- I think, the chances (to obtain OSCE presidency) are very good for Kazakhstan. And this is very important for OSCE to show that a Central Asian country can take the presidency of this important organization. Kazakhstan can be an example to other countries in the region. And once again, the Netherlands will support this candidacy of your country, – B. Bot said.

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