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31 October 2005
Head of the State Nursultan Nazarbayev participated in the 21st extraordinary congress of the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan.

In would like to point out that even in a difficult time of building new Kazakhstan I always relied on successive and active support of the trade unions. Together we could succeed in settling labor and social conflicts that inevitably followed the breakdown of a common country and planned economy. We have built an independent country, maintained the unity of people, and successfully implemented reforms in the transit period. Today Kazakhstan is on the way of accelerated growth and development. And I express gratitude for your support to me and to the policy being conducted by me, the President said at the congress.

Head of the State noted that rapid growth of economy will expand substantially the social targeting of Government expenditures to Kazakhstani people. And in this connection the interests of the trade unions and the state coincide. We plan by 2012 to exceed $ 8-9,000 our per capita GDP, to double the average income, to increase monthly salaries by 70,000 tenge, to increase twofold the social benefits and scholarships. This year the pension savings of the citizens will increase by a trillion tenge, and it will make possible to reach the amount of the average pension nearly twofold. The national outlays for education and science will increase threefold, for the healthcare system – three times and a half.

Nursultan Nazarbayev also marked the main directions of the National Program of Democratic Reforms, having emphasized that “this program also envisages further strengthening and development of trade unions”.

Head of the State set the trades-unionism new tasks that require joint actions of the state, employers and trade unions.

Trade unions of the country should take an active part in the development and implementation of socio-economic policy of the country, Nursultan Nazarbayev emphasized.

The state intends to strengthen protection of rights of the workers employed at the enterprisers of all forms of property. First of all, it concerns protection of labor at the industrial enterprisers, in construction, and in the sphere of legislation improvement. It is necessary for employers to develop a social package that should become a common condition for the contemporary organization of labor of the employees.

People of labor create the country. They create the country’s power and potential. That is why their support, protection of their rights, increase the welfare of all kazakhstanis are unconditional priorities of the state policy.

In this connection I want to say that I fulfilled one question with which I was often applied. It is an issue of compensation to those who suffered from the test trials at Semipalatinsk Nuclear Polygon. I have charged the Government to start to pay compensation from 2007, Nursultan Nazarbayev said. The participants of the congress, more that 300 delegates from all the regions of the country that are representing all branches of economy and social sphere adopted an Address to all members of the trade unions and all workers, in which they stated their full support of Nursultan Nazarbayev at the forthcoming presidential elections.

The Address reads, in particular:

We will vote for kazakhstani way of building strong social state, for carrying out socio-economic problems of workers, for inviolability of the constitutional system, for genuine democracy and freedom, for the program of our candidate “Kazakhstan - only ahead!”.

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