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25 March 2014
Press-briefing following the official visit to the Kingdom of the Netherlands and participation at the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague

The head of state noted that during the official visit, he had successful meetings with the King and the Prime Minister of the Netherlands.


The head of state noted that during the official visit, he had successful meetings with the King and the Prime Minister of the Netherlands.

Also, the President of Kazakhstan stressed that our country was an active participant of the third Nuclear Security Summit and a responsible member of the global community, being a state, which had closed the world’s largest Semipalatinsk test site and renounced nuclear arsenal.

The President of Kazakhstan informed about Kazakhstan’s offer on creation of a low enriched nuclear fuel bank, which would supply secure uranium for power plants. 

- During the Summit, we adopted a special statement between Kazakhstan and the USA on further rehabilitation of the Semipalatinsk test site’s territory and its infrastructure. It should be pointed out that the bilateral cooperation in this sphere is developing very well, - the head of state stressed.

Besides, during the press-briefing, Nursultan Nazarbayev informed about holding a number of bilateral meetings with heads of many large countries, which are members of the UN Security Council and the G8, during which important issues of bilateral cooperation and topical aspects of the international agenda were discussed. All of these meetings were initiated by those countries, and it shows strengthening of Kazakhstan’s role in the world community and respect to our achievements and balanced policy.

The head of state reminded about tensions between Western countries and Russia because of the situation in Crimea.

- Everybody has been telling about the international law in recent days and we see a dangerous precedent of its violation. It results in the economies of conflicting countries to roll back for decades. As for the situation in Ukraine, it should be pointed out that during the Soviet era, the economy of this country was the second after Russia’s. The country had a very big potential. But the Ukrainian authorities have been hesitating over the last years, first towards strengthening relations with Europe, then towards developing cooperation with Russia and the Eurasian integration. In fact, the people and the country were divided into two parts. As a result, the political situation got out of control. And top priority issue today is coming back to the legal framework, which means holding of an election. The legitimate President, the Parliament and the legitimate Government should be elected. And then, on the basis of this, conducting peaceful negotiations and finding through joint efforts a way out of current situation are needed, - the President stressed.

Also, the head of state noted that Ukraine has not settled an issue on delimitation of its frontiers with Russia yet and that would be a stumbling block in relations between the states. He reminded that Kazakhstan had settled these issues both with Russia and China, and other neighbouring countries.

Nursultan Nazarbayev stressed that the situation in Ukraine would not affect the integration processes and the work on signing the main treaty on creation of the Eurasian economic union was going on.

As for sanctions of a number of countries on Russia, the President of Kazakhstan gave an opinion that these measures would not have a direct effect on our country. At the same time, he noted that Russia’s economic dynamics’ decrease and worsening of its economic indicators could have effect on our economy. 

The President of Kazakhstan emphasised that the multipolarity of the modern world requires a corresponding format to work out solutions.

- The G20 and the G8 did not solve the problems of neither economic nor political crises. That is why, an initiative of the G-Global is vital, where 190 countries participate interactively. Opinions of a wide range of states of the world should be taken into account and in this context, the platform of the G-Global becomes crucial, - the head of state said.

In the end, Nursultan Nazarbayev emphasised an importance of solving of all arising issues without confrontation and global shocks on the basis of a balance of mutual interests.


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