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19 February 2009
President Nazarbayev received a letter from the Academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences O.T.Bogomolov, N.Y.Petrakov and S.Y. Glazyev.

The letter reads, in particular:

“Your article “The Key to Crisis” published in the Rossiyskaya Gazeta on February 2, 2009 arouse interest in the Russian scientific community. The suggestions proposed in the article and in your speech in India on reformation of the international monetary system will obviously become a serious issue not only in your country but in the world scientific, financial and business circles.

The issues you put forward in the article are the key issues for the formation of a new architecture of the international monetary system. Your proposals to solve them in the spirit of mutual beneficial and fair partnership are the only positive way out of the global financial and economic crisis.

The scientists from the Economy Section at the Russian Academy of Sciences are analyzing the states and prospects for further evolution of the international monetary system. The reasons of the crisis are being analyzed as well as various ways out of the crisis are being discussed. The conclusion drawn by the economic scientists bolster with the provisions of your article.

Your proposals on the move to the new system of international monetary relations are worthy of broad scientific discussion. The global financial crisis has spread to all countries and continents and put the future steady development of mankind in jeopardy. We highly appreciate your aspiration to impart a constructive, fundamental, open and deep character to the discussions being held on this issue in the world community”.

Academicians O.T.Bogomolov, N.Y.Petrakov and S.Y. Glazyev supported Nursultan Nazarbayev’s initiatives and suggested to hold discussions at the scientific forums both in Russia and Kazakhstan as well as in the EurAsEC member countries and world scientific communities.

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