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24 August 2007
President Nursultan Nazarbayev Chairs a Session of the Bureau of the Political Council of the People’s Democratic Party Nur Otan Devoted to Selecting Deputy Candidatures to the Parliamentary Majilis of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Opening the session, Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev reminded that according to the recent elections’ outcomes the Nur Otan Party had convincingly won the extraordinary parliamentary elections. It has collected 88.41% of the votes at the elections. As a result, the People's Democratic Party Nur Otan has received all 98 deputy seats in Majilis.

Now, according to the Constitutional Law “On elections in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, the Political Council’s Bureau as the party’s governing body has to nominate deputy candidatures from the list of the party’s pretenders. Candidatures of the party’s 125 members registered by the Central Election Commission as nominees to the posts of Majilis deputies according to party lists were considered during the session of the Political Council’s Bureau.

“This is a high honor and trust offered to the party. And the main thing is a high responsibility in the face of millions of the people that have supported our party and our program,” the Head of State commented after approving the list that will be submitted to the Central Election Commission for registration.

Nursultan Nazarbayev emphasized that it is time to practically implement the goals outlined in the Nur Otan Party’s pre-election program. “Our program is a real one and has all necessary resources. We are going to implement it and to report on its implementation to our people,” Kazakhstan’s President underscored.

Those candidates that have not been enrolled into the list will be put in reserve and in a case of personnel rotation will be engaged. The list of new deputies contains the names of 39 deputies from the previous Majilis. The number of women in the new Majilis has been doubled in comparison with the old one. Deputy seats will be granted to 22 state employees including two members of the Cabinet. While forming the final list, members of the Political Council’s Bureau paid a special attention to equal regional and national representation of Kazakhstan’s population and also to professional qualities and political experience of the candidates.

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