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25 October 2007
President Nursultan Nazarbayev Congratulates All People of Kazakhstan on the Occasion of the Republic Day Holiday

“Seventeen years ago, we adopted the Declaration on Kazakhstan’s state sovereignty. That was a very difficult historical period when we determined our future and the way Kazakhstan would develop in. Relying on the Declaration, we adopted the Law on Kazakhstan’s state independence, the 16th anniversary of which we will be celebrating on 16 December this year,’ the President said while addressing residents and guests on the capital during festive events at the Baiterek complex.

The Head of State noted that every year Kazakhstani people celebrate the Republic Day with new achievements and accomplishments. Today Kazakhstan is a respectable member of the world community, which confidently moves towards the new goal of joining the number of the fifty most competitive countries in the world.

The state’s capital is also rapidly developing. The unique Peace and Accord Palace was built there, which hosts large international forums. By doing that, Astana has become the capital of the global dialogue between cultures and civilizations.

“Nowadays, Kazakhstan sets new goals to achieve. We must triple the economy by 2015, build a new innovative economy, and improve the prosperity of our people. Unity, brotherhood and stability must be the base ensuring Kazakhstan’s achievement of these goals,” the President said.

Nursultan Nazarbayev also wished happiness, health and good luck for all Kazakhstani people.

On the same day, the President visited a new hotel-entertaining complex that was opened on the occasion of the Republic Day holiday.

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