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23 February 2011
President Nursultan Nazarbayev Continues State Visit to China



The third day of the visit has started with visiting of the Beijing South Railway Station where the head of state got acquainted with the work of the high-speed railway line.

Beijing-Tianjin Inter-City Rail is the first section of the high-speed railway line. This two traffic railway section has five intermediate stations at the Beijing South Railway Station, the Yizhuang Station, the Yongle Station, the Wuqing Station and the Tianjin Railway Station. During the construction of this line a range of technically complicated innovative projects on laying 500-metered rails had been adopted to provide necessary safety measures for delivering rides.

During the test of the line the CRH-3 railway train reached 394.3 kilometers per hour. Presently, the railway line attains operating speed of 350 kilometers per hour. The railway cost accounted for ¥13.324 billion or US$ 2 billion.

The President arrived in Tianjin by the Beijing-Tianjin high-speed train.

The President visited the Master Plan Institution of the Chinese city of Tianjin and got acquainted with urban planning projects.

President Nursultan Nazarbayev also met with the leadership of Tianjin. Following the meeting, the head of state held a press briefing for the Kazakh representatives of mass media. The President emphasized that the state visit has become a breakthrough visit, particularly on the issues of trans-border rivers and industrial and innovative cooperation.

“We have been working hard for the last 19 years of our independence and much has been done for strengthening of our relations. Presently, the first Atasu – Alashankou railway project carries 15 million tons of cargo per year. We plan to finish construction of the second Khorgos – Almaty project this year. It will allow to transit Chinese goods to Central Asia and to the Persian Gulf countries via Iran. The Western Europe – the Western China highway is under construction. It is a large transport trade corridor necessary for China. The Khorgos International Center of Boundary Cooperation which will be a unique facility, is currently also under construction. Following the talks held in the course of the visit, the ENRC will be provided with US$ 1.5 billion for further development of the Sokolovsk-Sarbaisk Mining and Ore Concentration Production Association as well Kazakhmys Company will get funds for development of concentrates for China. It is necessary to emphasize the significance of the projects in the sphere of nuclear energy. Nineteen nuclear units will be built in China. Moreover, 25 nuclear units are scheduled to be constructed in the future. It is a large prospective market. Kazakhstan is able to supply up to 40 percent of nuclear fuel in the future. It will make tens of billions of dollars profit. Our agreements on establishment of the Chinese-Kazakh Supercomputer Center in Astana, opening of Kazakh-Chinese University for studying innovations are very prospective. We have signed the agreement on cooperation in non-primary sector for the first time. A joint fund of nearly US$ 1 billion is under establishment. This is a very profitable contract. The talks with the Chinese top officials and the results of our visit prove its successfulness. China recognizes Kazakhstan as a reliable neighbor and strategic partner. This is very important for us," Nursultan Nazarbayev highlighted.

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