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24 September 2010
President Nursultan Nazarbayev Receives Prosecutor General Kairat Mami

Kairat Mami briefed the President on the work conducted by the Prosecutor General's Office on implementation of the main positions of the presidential decree on the legal reform issues directed to improvement of the law enforcement activity, strengthening of a coordinating function of prosecution authorities, and further efficiency improvement of prosecutor's supervision.

The Prosecutor General's Office elaborated a draft law on the issues of criminal legislation liberalization and strengthening lawfulness in the criminal process. In this connection the Prosecutor General reported to the President on the course of preparation of this draft law. He emphasized that this draft law will settle a number of important tasks directed to humanization of criminal legislation especially related to subjects of private entrepreneurship and social vulnerable groups, as well as to decrease in repressiveness of criminal persecution and improvement of efficiency assessment approaches of the law-enforcement bodies’ activities.      

Kairat Mami also informed the head of state on the measures being taken on further strengthening of law and order in the country, in particular on adoption of digital registration of crime complaints and information, formation of a common data base of the law enforcement bodies, strengthening of prosecutor's supervision over ensuring citizens’ rights in the course of the criminal process. 

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