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21 December 2010
The Head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev Attends the Award Ceremony of Laureates of the President’s Award for achievements in quality “Altyn Sapa” and for achievements in social responsibility of business “Paryz”.

Following his arrival to the “Kazakhstan” Central concert hall the President viewed the mobile medical complex made in Kazakhstan, the exhibition of innovative projects and listened to the reports of the heads of regions on the realization of regional industrial projects.

After the presentation of the results of the State programme of forced industrial-innovative development of Kazakhstan in 2010 the media “space bridge” with the regions took place.

Following the “bridge” Nursultan Nazarbayev participated at the award ceremony of the winners of “Altyn Sapa” and “Paryz”.

In his speech the Head of state noted that the participation in the national competitions in the spheres of quality and social responsibility established by the President is an important incentive for the Kazakhstani business.

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