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26 December 2011
Today in Akorda the Head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev Chairs a meeting with the leadership of the Presidential Administration, the Government, and the Nur Otan Party.

Prime Minister Karim Massimov, Head of the Presidential Administration Aslan Mussin, members of the Government, and heads of state bodies took part in the meeting.

In his opening address, the Head of state announced preliminary results of the work in 2011. The outgoing year has been important, significant and successful. Kazakhstan is completing the year of the twentieth anniversary of its independence with good indicators. GDP real growth at year-end has reached 7.3%, and GDP per capita has reached US$ 11,000. Aggregate international reserves totaled US$ 75 million. The year has been successful for the agrarian sector, with production output growth reaching 25.5% from a year earlier; there is growth in every sector: almost 3% growth in construction, around 4% in manufacturing, as well as trade, and transport.

The President said the Industrialisation Map at present includes a total of 609 projects worth 9.6 trillion tenge. A total of 90,000 jobs have been created over the past two years. Production of 106 items that have never been produced in Kazakhstan before have been mastered. Under the instruction of the Head of State the implementation of the Programme of Residential Construction has been launched. The problems of 53,000 real estate mortgage holders at 389 sites have been resolved. This was the decision by the government that has had an immense impact. Since 2010 with the implementation of the Business Road Map 2020 Programme, 750 projects worth 240 billion tenge have been endorsed. This also means the creation of new jobs, and buoyancy for the economy.

Nursultan Nazarbayev underscored the positive results have been also achieved in the social sphere. The unemployment level has fallen to 5.3%. The Salamatty Kazakhstan Healthcare Development State Programme for 2011-2025 has been launched setting absolutely specific indicators on reduction of maternal and child mortality, morbidity rate.

The President noted the anniversary year has been the year of further accelerated economic growth and improvement of living standards. Kazakhstan citizens can celebrate the new 2012 year with satisfaction and with a sense of fulfilled duty.

“At the same time we have to acknowledge that there are some unresolved issues. The events in the Mangistau region have become a serious trial for the entire Kazakhstan. A challenge has been thrown down at us in the anniversary year. The goal was to bring division in our society – social, interethnic, inter-religious and so on. The investigation is right now in process on uncovering not only the reasons but also organisers of the events. We know provisionally that organized criminal groups who divided the money and had to cover up their “tails” were behind the events, and this is why arson fires were lit. We will get down to all this. We know about the “tails” coming from abroad, we know what subversion activities were carried out inside the country. The Prosecutor’s Office together with corresponding bodies must carry out a thorough investigation into all these facts. The main reason is that government officials, the Samruk-Kazyna management and all who were directly responsible for dealing with labour disputes showed irresponsibility, and, in fact, misinformed. This is why all of us should draw a lesson from these events. I want once again to draw the attention of the Prosecutor General to the need to ensure transparent, fair consideration of criminal cases and bring all organisers and instigators of these riots to responsibility with the utmost rigour of the law. I also commission the Presidential Administration and the Secretary of State to carry out explanatory works on these events,” the President said.

The Head of state noted that akims (mayors) should rapidly solve the problems of social importance on the ground. The holidays are approaching, but local officials should not sit back and relax, they must work. There are no little things in the work. During this period, akims of all levels will ensure the houses with electricity, water and gas supply, and solve other issues of social significance. Winter is cold this year. Under these circumstances all the community services in all regions, towns and villages should be ensured without failure. Throughout the heating season, the issue should be taken under special control by akims. They should ensure trouble-free operation of trade and transport. Each akim must turn his attention to citizens’ complaints, to quickly solve all the issues of their appeals. There must be no red tape. The local media should be provided with more information about the problems and the work done to address them.

The President said the next year people are expecting a new wave of global financial and economic crisis. Kazakhstan has been preparing for this since long ago. But if the crisis starts, it should not catch anyone off balance - both in the administrative circles and in the field. The government needs to significantly strengthen efforts to monitor the development trends in the world economy. The same goes for the Presidential Administration and other state bodies. It is essential to work through various scenarios of crisis and ways to overcome it.

“While in a crisis, we should be particularly thrifty, above all, it refers to the expenses of government agencies and national companies. They should give up on expensive, noisy events, presentations and international conferences. The time has come to stop all this,” Nursultan Nazarbayev stressed.

The President noted that starting from January Kazakhstan will be operating in the Single Economic Space with Russia and Belarus. It opens up new opportunities and new outlet markets for Kazakh businesses. At the same time, domestic enterprises enter new competitive field with our partners. Kazakh producers should be prepared for this competition, and must come out of it strong and resolute, to prepare for competition on a scale of the World Trade Organization. The government should clearly explain the rules of the SES, including all the benefits and risks. There should be no reticence. Those who criticize do not understand the essence of the issues and the benefit for the country. In particular, this work should be focused on small and medium-sized businesses. The government, the Presidential Administration, the ministries and agencies need to work on this.

The President stressed that the industrialization programme will remain in the spotlight as it is now. Each state agency, including the government and local executive bodies, will prepare a report twice a year. And these tasks are to be the priority goals.

The Head of state noted that during this period every minister is personally responsible for the condition and operation of the industry he/she is in charge of. The Minister of Transport and Communications will be responsible for flights and trains delays. Mayors will be held accountable for accidents of heating systems.

The President tasked the Prime Minister to take all the work of each ministry and agency under his personal control.

Nursultan Nazarbayev has banned all New Year and other state holiday trips abroad for all senior officials of the Government, ministries and departments as well as all akimats (local executive authorities).

“Those holidays should be celebrated inside the country with our people. This concerns not only the upcoming New Year holiday, but also all national and public holidays,” the President emphasized.

The President noted that during the election period akims together with the officials of the Central Election Commission need to create all the necessary conditions for holding open, fair and transparent elections. They should provide an impeccable work of election commissions. Kazakhstan citizens must understand the significance of the parliamentary election and the importance of their participation in it. It is important to encourage the Kazakhstan people to come to polling stations and fulfill their civic duty.

“The peace and further implementation of all our programmes to benefit people would depend on what kind of a Parliament we choose. Under the conditions of possible impending crisis and instability, we need to further protect and strengthen the unity of our people. This theme requires constant attention and active work,” the President said.

The President noted that during the election period there are always those willing to play ethnic and religious cards. Such attempts must be given a decisive rebuff. It is necessary to explain that it contradicts our principles, stability, development of the state and our independence. Kazakhstan People’s Assembly must actively work across the country.

“Elections should be a factor of society consolidation around our core values - stability, unity and solidarity. Only by these means we would continue our way forward. I talked about this in detail in my speech on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of our independence. We should mobilized ourselves to become closer to the people, their needs, and work in such a way so that the pulse of the country, the everyday work is not interrupted, so that our people celebrate holidays in a good way, and we well pass through the election period,” Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

Following the meeting the Head of state gave a number of specific instructions.

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