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17 February 2011
Today in Astana President of Kazakhstan - Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev Takes Part in the Extended Meeting of the Defence Ministry Board




President of Kazakhstan - Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev took part in the extended meeting of the Defence Ministry Board.

The meeting held was devoted to the results of the ministry’s activity over 2010 and discussion of the prospective directions.

The main task of the state in the sphere of provision of military security is a support of the level of the military training of the Armed Forces. For the last few years the level of training operations with its qualitative performances has been systemically upgraded,” Defence Minister Adilbek Dzhaksybekov noted in his report.

Fifty-four exercises of different scale were held in 2010. Following the "Cooperation-2009" strategic command-staff exercises the SCO Peace Mission-2010 joint anti-terror exercises have been held. This was the biggest exercise with participation of our foreign parents.

The task of the Armed Forces is to provide maximum assistance in development of the defence industry complex.

KADEX-2010 First International Military Hardware and Military-Technical Equipment Exhibition can be put to the support measures for the national military industry. 156 companies including 86 domestic ones took part in this exhibition which became a launching platform for future cooperation between Kazakh producers and outstanding world brands in the military industry.

As for the issue of social provision of military men, it was noted that the average military compensation are being annually increased by 25 percent for the last two years.

The housing issues are being resolved as well. Twenty-nine thousand square meters of housing were put into operation in 2010. It allowed to provide military housing for about 1500 military men.

Mayor-General, Commander of Troops of Regional Command “South” Alimkhan Dzharbulov, Captain of the Air Base Brigade of the Regional Command “West” Kanysh Abubakirov, Staff-Sergeant of Land Forces Pavel Shishkin, Commanding Officer of the Aviation Base Colonel Dauren Kosanov and Commanding Officer of the Separate Multiple-Type Fleet Detachment of the Air Base, Lieutenant-Commander Kusain Umarov delivered their speeches.

Drawing the results of the session President of the country, Supreme Commander-in-Chief Nursultan Nazarbayev emphasized that the held discussion would contribute to realization of tasks set before the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan.

The President also noted that in 2010 KZT 171 billion were allocated to finance the Armed Forces. This year already KZT 200 billion have been allocated to this sphere. It will allow us to settle not only military tasks but also social ones – improve conditions of service and settle housing issues.

“As I unveiled in the annual Address in January that this year we will increase the amount of pensions, scholarships, salaries of public sector employees by 30 percent,“ the President stressed.

The President instructed to strengthen the work on raising the prestige of military profession.

“Your main task is to take all necessary measures for the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan to meet world military standards of the 21st century. They should be equipped with modern facilities,” the President stressed.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Nursultan Nazarbayev met with the winners of the military competition of the Armed Forces on 2010 results.

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