28 March 2008
Today, President Nursultan Nazarbayev Holds a Number of Working Meetings

At the meeting with the President, president of Kazakh Academy of Nutrition academician Toregeldy Sharmanov discussed links between the quality of food and health of Kazakhstani people.

“Seven major factors affecting population’s health are connected to nutrition problems. Rational nutrition assists to a significant decrease of mortality rates from cardiovascular diseases, especially in generations older than 50 years old. This is a demonstration of the fact that nutrition factors are crucial ones, which determine the living standards and life expectancy of Kazakhstan’s population,” Toregeldy Sharmanov said at a press briefing.

During the meeting, the academician also touched issues of renewing compulsory procedures of fortifying top-grade and white flour, development of telemedicine that positively influences the quality of medical services.

Toregeldy Sharmanov also said that the 30th anniversary of the Great Charter of public health adopted by the International Conference on emergency medical care under the aegis of the WHO and UNICEF in 1978 in Almaty will be celebrated in October this year. The Alma-Ata Declaration, also known as the Great Health Charter of the XX century is one of the principal documents in the world public health care that for the first time summarized and determined conceptions of organizing national systems of emergency medical care.

The President also received Chairman of the Committee for international relations, defense and security of Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nurbakh Rustemov. The Majilis deputy updated the President on the Committee’s work on the implementation of the Nur Otan People’s Democratic Party’s pre-election program.

“I also extended to the President the gratefulness words of people from the Southern Kazakhstan region for the help offered by order of the President in eliminating consequences of a flood,” Nurbakh Rustemov said.

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