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16 February 2011
Today President Nursultan Nazarbayev Visits Izhevskoye Village of Arshaly District in Akmola Region and Gets Acquainted with the Work of "Izhevskoye" Production Cooperative



Director General Ibragim Zhangorazov briefed the President on the work of the poultry farm.

The capacity of the enterprise makes for 40 thousand heads of broiler chicken. The products are supplied to the markets of Astana, Kokshetau, Akmola and Karaganda regions.

As I.Zhangorazov said, since the establishment of the Customs Union the enterprise has faced new export opportunities.

“It is of great importance for us as we increase our production year by year. Nowadays our enterprise produces more than 80 types of agricultural products. Last year we supplied goods at the amount of KZT 2 billion,” the director emphasized.

Then the head of state surveyed the farm machinery fleet.

"The governmental grants allowed us to purchase new vehicles from Canada. Thanks to the attention paid by the President to agricultural development we receive fuel for harvesting and sawing campaigns,” field brigade leader Vitaliy Ivanov stressed.

The President also visited the plant on production of compound animal feedstuff. The capacity of the plant makes for 480 tons per day. The technological process is fully computerized. The investments to the project totaled KZT 340 million.

"Our plant is a result of cooperation of specialists from four states - Kazakhstan, Russia, Belgium and Germany. It is a unique plant,” head of the zoo-technical laboratory Yelena Batyreva highlighted.

Then the head of state visited egg candling station with the capacity of 336 thousand tons eggs per shift. The products are supplied to Akmola region.

“Due to the work of our cooperative many other enterprises of Kazakhstan develop their production. For instance, the corrugated packaging production has been launched at the Pavlodar Cardboard Plant,” I.Zhangorazov emphasized.

The President also visited the staff canteen. It has been repaired in 2010 and provided with modern equipment. Nursultan Nazarbayev had a dinner together with the staff of the cooperative there.

"13,500 thousand young graduates have arrived in rural areas since the beginning of the campaign on attraction of young specialists to villages. We need to revive our villages. We will soon finish the realization of "100 Schools, 100 Hospitals" Program. It means that rural residents will have a chance to receive qualitative education and medical care. The main purpose of the state policy is welfare of all Kazakhstanis,” the President said.

At the end of his trip the President surveyed the local House of Culture.

Izhevskoye village is located 40 km away from Astana. Representatives of 27 ethnic groups live there.

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