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1 March 2012
Today the Head of state Visits the Nazarbayev University

The President met with the students and teachers of the Nazarbayev University, surveyed the scientific research laboratories and a library.

The head of state also visited the University residences, which are located at the campus. The President surveyed the dormitory rooms, which are all have uncabled Internet access. There are recreation premises, gyms, and sport centers on the first floor.

The President also familiarized himself with the new university laboratories.

The head of state surveyed the Department of Biology, the Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Biotechnologies, Microbiology, as well as the preparation and sterilization rooms, the Laboratory of Optics, the Laboratory of Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry, Synthesis of Chemical Substances, the Laboratory of Physics, Robotics and Mechatronics, and Alternative Energy. The young scientists told the President about their research projects that are being conducted at the University. Nearly 100 teachers and scientist of the University are the graduates of the Bolashak Program. Forty research projects are being conducted at the Centre for Energy Research and the Centre for Life Sciences. The Centre for Life Sciences includes the Laboratory of Genome and Personalized Medicine, the Laboratory of Regenerative Medicine, and the Laboratory of Pharmacokinetics. The research project totaling KZT 518,900 million are being conducted at this Centre. The Center for Energy Research comprises six Laboratories – the Laboratory of Chemistry, IT Laboratory, the Laboratory of Renewable Energy and Smart Grid, the Laboratory of Biotechnology and Microbiology, the Laboratory of Automated Project Systems with Engineering Workshops. The research project totaling KZT 678,500 million are being conducted at this Centre. There are also the Departments of School of Engineering and School of Science and Technology.

The President also visited the Nazarbayev University Library. To date, the Library being the most progressive academic library in Kazakhstan, has the largest collection of materials in English, as well as periodicals and electronic resources. The collection includes more than 30 thousand of books and has an access to 32 scientific and academic electronic databases. The Library offers modern facilities providing photocopying and printing services. All Library patrons can use professional library scanner as well. The computer lab with 80 modern computers is also in open access.

During the meeting with the students and teachers of the Nazarbayev University the head of state noted that the developing and the developed countries have the very different levels of the development of science and technology.

The students told the President on the progress of their study and thanked the head of state for the opportunity to study at the leading university of Kazakhstan.

The Nazarbayev University has the following international partners: Harvard University, Pittsburg University, Duke University Fuqua School of Business, National University of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, University Wisconsin-Madison, University College London, Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory, iCarnegie, Affiliate of Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pennsylvania.

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