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Meeting under the chairmanship of Aide to the President – Secretary of the Security Council Nurlan Yermekbayev

13 may 2015 year


The meeting was dedicated to the development of proposals aimed at ensuring transparency of law enforcement agencies’ activity, officers’ adherence to ethical standards and their responsibility before the society. Heads of special agencies and law enforcement bodies, as well as various subdivisions of the President’s Executive Office attended the meeting.

The participants discussed current state of personnel management and measures taken to improve its effectiveness. The attendees paid special attention to the improvement of staff recruitment and placement, along with professional training and development of ethical standards of behavior when interacting with citizens.

In addition, the meeting addressed issues related to raising the profile of law enforcement personnel and introducing changes into the personnel performance evaluation criteria.

Following the meeting, the public authorities were charged with making proposals to improve the efficiency of personnel management and ethical conduct of employees in line with best international practices.

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The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan