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President Nursultan Nazarbayev Receives Chancellor of Kazakh National University of Arts Aiman Mussakhodzhayeva

February 12, 2013


The President congratulated Aiman Mussakhodzhayeva on the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the Kazakh National Academy of Music.

“Over these years, the Academy has grown a lot, becoming the Kazakh National University of Arts. We have constructed a new building and created all conditions for the training of students. Presently, your schools, colleges and universities educate more than two thousand students. Every year, the Government allocates more than KZT 2 billion 300 million. Basically, the training is provided by the state educational grants,” President Nazarbayev stressed.

The President also noted that the establishment of new facilities of art, such as the Astana-Opera, has a positive impact on the cultural upbringing of the population.

“The capital city should have different facilities, not only housing and administrative centres. We created all necessary facilities of culture and art. Moreover, we need to train specialists in the area of art, including cinematography, theatre, ballet, fine arts, and dances. To realize this task, we attach great importance to the activities of the Kazakh National University of Arts,” Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

In turn, Aiman Mussakhodzhayeva briefed the President on the course of preparation to the concert, devoted to the anniversary of the University.

“It will be presented by all groups of our University. The concert scenario connects contemporary art with the work of Korkyt and demonstrates the blossom of Kazakhstan. The concert will be also presented abroad,” the Chancellor of the Kazakh National University of Arts highlighted.

Aiman Mussakhodzhayeva also said that the University presently trains specialists in different fields of art and implements the programme of international cooperation with the leading Universities of Vienna, Rome, Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

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The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan