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President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev’s Address to the people of Kazakhstan

Dear compatriots!

Kazakhstan is on the verge of a momentous event. On June 5, at a nationwide referendum, our citizens will vote on the proposed amendments to the Constitution. This is an important moment that will determine how our State will develop and what our society will be like. These issues affect everyone who cares about the future of our country.

Having started radical changes in all spheres of life, we are faced with the urgent need to radically transform the model of state governance. That is why, in my Address to the Nation in March, I presented a large-scale programme of political modernisation. It is aimed at further democratisation of the country, expanding the involvement of citizens in state governance, and increasing the effectiveness of the government's work. Its full implementation will finally consolidate the transition of Kazakhstan to the presidential form of government with a strong Parliament.

The constitutional reform will comprehensively strengthen the system of protection of human rights and freedoms. Fair and open political competition in the country will be ensured.

The proposed amendments and additions affect more than 30 articles of the Constitution. All of them are fully based on the interests of citizens. In essence, we are fundamentally renewing the foundations of our statehood and laying the foundation for the Second Republic.

Dear compatriots!

For the first time in the history of our country, amendments to the Constitution will be made through a nationwide referendum.

The referendum is an important step towards building a developed democratic society in Kazakhstan.

In the past month there was an active discussion and explanation of the draft of the constitutional amendments in the country. The constitutional reform caused a broad response in the society. All its provisions are aimed not at increasing privileges and powers of the President, but at strengthening the system of checks and balances between the branches of power, protection of interests, rights and freedoms of all citizens. I am confident that the nationwide expression of will on the constitutional amendments will lay a solid foundation for a New and Fair Kazakhstan.

Together we will make New Kazakhstan a reality, in which social justice will be the main value and carrier of a new social contract. The referendum will be a test of our society's civic maturity and political awareness.

The Central Referendum Commission and other authorized state bodies will ensure strict observance of all norms of the electoral legislation. The process of voting will be monitored by international observers and representatives of public associations of our country.

Your vote at the polling station will be important and, possibly, decisive in determining new, fair, and understandable rules of public life. By coming to the polling station, you will demonstrate the high level of consolidation and cohesion of our people.

In the face of unprecedented geostrategic uncertainty and the need to address the complex challenges facing our country, we must be strong in our unity and solidarity.

True democracy requires active and creative participation in a common cause by every citizen. By voting for the new amendments, you will say a resolute no to corruption, nepotism and monopoly in politics and the economy.

I urge you, my fellow citizens, to make your historic choice, which will determine the vector of Kazakhstan's development. Each of you is an integral part of the people of Kazakhstan and can influence the future of the entire nation, and therefore your own destiny. The destiny of our homeland depends on you.

I urge all the people of Kazakhstan to make their choice on June 5!

Together we will build a New Kazakhstan!