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Meeting of the Corruption Control Commission under the President of Kazakhstan chaired by Gulshara Abdykalikova, the Secretary of State

The meeting reviewed the progress in implementing the Action Plan on actualization of Kazakhstan’s Anti-Corruption Strategy for 2015-2017 and the Law on Combating Corruption. Gulshara Abdykalikova stressed that, as part of the Head of our State’s instructions, the Anti-Corruption Strategy and "On Combating Corruption" Law are based on corruption prevention.

The key areas of activity are countering corruption in the public service, in the quasi-public and private sectors, in judicial and law enforcement agencies; adoption of public control institution and  formation of anti-corruption culture level and international cooperation development.

The meeting heard the report of A.Shpekbayev, the Deputy Chairman of Civil Service and Anti-Corruption Agency. At present, the Action Plan has been effectuated by 95%, and finalization is scheduled the current year. New laws "On Combating Corruption", "On Public Councils" and "On Access to Information" have been adopted, the potential of which will ensure transparency of state institutions and their dependence on the society. A wide variety of legal instruments has been introduced into practice: anti-corruption monitoring, systemic analysis of corruption risks, anti-corruption restrictions, culture and education.

In 2016, the authorized body analyzed corruption risks in the work of 156 state agencies, more than 2,000 recommendations were introduced to eliminate the causes and conditions that contribute to corruption offenses. Within the framework of "From State Agency to State Agency" and "From Akimat to Akimat" Projects the meetings were held in ministries and local executive bodies with employees aimed at awareness building. More than 80 categories have been created in the media.

Inevitability of punishment for corruption principle has been ensured. 18 leaders of the republican, 59 regional, 134 city and district levels were brought to criminal responsibility in 2016. Out of the realized loss of KZT13.6 bn. 39% was reimbursed, i.e. KZT5.3 bn.

At the end of the meeting the State Secretary instructed to draw up another plan for implementing the Anti-Corruption Strategy.

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