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Participation of Kazakhstan’s State Secretary in the II Congress of Civil Initiatives on Anti-Corruption Issues

The event has also been attended by representatives of state bodies, the diplomatic corps, international organizations and the civil society of the country.

The Congress has become a unique platform for uniting the efforts of the state and society in the issues of combating corruption.

Its main task lies in approving the basic principles of public control, which is carried out at all levels, in every settlement and rural district.

Opening the event, the Secretary of State has stressed that one of the main priorities of the Address referred to as "New Opportunities for Development in the Conditions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution" is the fight against corruption and the rule of law.

G.Abdykalikova noted that in 2014 the President of Kazakhstan approved the Anti-Corruption Strategy aimed at involving the whole society in the anti-corruption movement by creating an atmosphere of "zero tolerance". 64 events took pace during this time, which significantly reduced administrative barriers and reduced domestic corruption. So, today in all regions Public Monitoring Maps have been launched, allowing citizens to control the development and targeted use of budgetary funds, the quality and timing of constructing social facilities. The public's confidence in the anti-corruption policies in the country has strengthened.

Consistent legislative changes have formed legal grounds for improving the system of prevention of corruption offenses.

Kazakhstan ratified the United Nations Convention against Corruption; Transnational Organized Crime; The Council of Europe Convention on Laundering, Identification, Seizure and Confiscation of the Proceeds from Crime.

-At present we are actively involved in monitoring the Istanbul Action Plan to Combat Corruption, a subregional program of mutual evaluation, the State Secretary said.

In conclusion, the State Secretary of Kazakhstan wished the participants of the Congress constructive speeches, effective dialogue and great achievements.

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