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Participation of the State Secretary of Kazakhstan in the solemn ceremony of presenting the national television award

Opening the ceremony of presenting Tumar National TV award, Gulshara Abdykalikova read the welcoming speech of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.

It underscored that Kazakhstan’s television, which began its journey in the spring of 1958, today has become a large-scale high-tech sphere. It consists of TV channels equipped with advanced technology and thousands of professionals working in them. The special place in the industry is rightly  given to Kazakhstan National television channel, from which Kazakhstan’s television began.

"The state in accordance with modern requirements creates all conditions for Kazakhstan’s television progress. A striking proof of that is the unparalleled Kazmedia Ortalygy in the CIS," the congratulatory letter says.

After announcing the Head of State’s congratulation letter, there started a solemn ceremony of presenting the Television Award.

During the event, the State Secretary was acquainted with the exhibition devoted to Kazakhstan’s television history and timed to its 60th anniversary.

The Parliament deputies, heads of state bodies, public figures, veterans of television, representatives of national television channels and the media attended the meeting.


Tumar Award was established in 2017, awarded for the highest achievements in the field of television arts and is aimed at promoting and developing high-quality Kazakhstan’s television, supporting talented professionals.

The Commission accepted works in 14 nominations in 2018. There is a special block with special nominations, dedicated to Astana’s 20th anniversary and the 60th anniversary of Kazakhstan television.

In total, about 400 applications have been received, which exceeds the previous year level by 1.6 times.

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