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Presentation of Kazakhstan’s First President state scholarships in culture

In Almaty Kazakhstan's Secretary of State G.Abdykalikova, on behalf of the Kazakh leader, has presented Kazakhstan’s First President cultural state scholarships and grants for 2016.

Scholarships are awarded annually as the state support for artists and cultural workers with honorary titles and state awards of Kazakhstan, as well as gifted young artists for their contribution to the creation, preservation and development of Kazakhstan’s culture.

Gulshara Abdykalikova, opening the ceremony, has warmly congratulated those present, noting that state scholarships awarding is recognition of their valuable contribution to the Kazakh culture development.

The Secretary of State stressed that the most important event in 2016 had been celebration of the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence. G.Abdykalikova noted that the celebration activities took place within the Concept of 25th Independence anniversary "25 Years of Unity and Creation", approved by Decree of the President of Kazakhstan. In general, those activities have reached their objective of further strengthening of statehood, unity of Kazakhstan’s nation and consolidation around "Mangilik Yel" national idea.

75 writers and artists have received state scholarships for their contribution to the national culture progress. Among them are Asanali Ashimov, Myrzatai Zholdasbekov, Sabit Dosanov, Bibigul Tulegenova Vladimir Tolokonnikov and others.

Government assistance is shown to young talents, among them are Erlan Zhunis, Madina Baspaeva, Taskyn Zharmukhamed, Dimash Kudaibergenov and others.

At the meeting the State Secretary pointed out that the year 2017 is the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s state symbols - a Flag and an Emblem. Other major events include non-permanent membership in the UN Security Council, the World Winter Universiade-2017, and "EXPO-2017" specialized international exhibition in Astana.

Finally, G.Abdykalikova has expressed confidence in the fact that intellectuals will make an important contribution to promotion of ​​"Mangilik Yel" national values and further development of the Kazakh culture.

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