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The Secretary of State Gulshara Abdykalikova participates in the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan’s Forum on the Day of Thankfulness

The Forum was attended by Parliament Majilis deputies, heads of governmental bodies, the APK members, representatives of ethno-cultural and youth associations, mothers' councils, social consensus, the scientific and creative intelligentsia, the national applied art masters, the youth and the media.

The Secretary of State, opening the Forum, has read out the President of Kazakhstan’s Welcome Address to the nation on the occasion of Day of Thankfulness.

The Head of State noted that "Day of Thankfulness is a special date, which has recently appeared in our state and social calendar. Celebrating the Day, on the one hand, we look into the past, paying tribute to the spiritual heroism of our people. On the other hand, we look confidently into the future, the path to which is on strong moral foundations. I am grateful to the people of Kazakhstan for the unity and for the encouragement we are building together an independent country with. "

In their speeches, E.Tugzhanov, the Deputy Chairman of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, M.Goldberg, the head of "Alef" Jewish Cultural and Educational Society, and A.Yugay, the Association of Koreans in Kazakhstan representative, noted that understanding and support for each other have become the spiritual principles of the country’s nation.

The event participants familiarized themselves with "Jan Jylyu" (Warmth of Soul) exhibition and exposition of felt products of Kazakhstan’s decorative and applied arts.

The event ended with a solemn ceremony of presenting of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan certificates to its new members, as well as the Appeal with words of gratitude to the nation and the country's President has been adopted.

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