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Participation of Kazakhstan’s Secretary of State Gulshara Abdykalikova in "Practical experience in implementation of new anti-corruption mechanisms: achievements and international cooperation" int’l conference

The conference, organized by Kazakhstan’s Agency for Civil Service Affairs and Anti-Corruption, was attended by the Agency Chairman K.Kozhamzharov, representatives of state bodies, international organizations, diplomatic corps, science and education, prominent public figures and the media.

In her welcoming speech, the Secretary of State has noted that the conference is taking place on the eve of the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence. Over the years our state has taken extensive measures to combat corruption. At present, Kazakhstan has reached a qualitatively new stage in actualization of anti-corruption policy, the content of which is defined in "Kazakhstan-2050" Strategy, the Nation's Plan "100 Specific Steps" and the Anti-Corruption Strategy for 2015-2025.

G.Abdykalikova stressed that the President of Kazakhstan had taken a determined course for strengthening anti-corruption measures.

The Secretary of State noted that Kazakhstan is taking successive steps to establish anti-corruption mechanisms appropriate to international standards. The new Law "On Anti-Corruption Enforcement" was introduced into the practice a wide range of legal instruments such as anti-corruption monitoring, the system analysis of corruption risks and the anti-corruption education.

G.Abdykalikova also emphasized the importance of strengthening international cooperation. Kazakhstan is a member of the United Nations Convention against Corruption, Association of Anti-Corruption Agencies, the OECD Istanbul Anti-Corruption Strategy and other international organizations.

In conclusion, the Secretary of State expressed confidence that the conference will contribute to solving the pressing matters of combating corruption, and the expressed ideas and recommendations will find their practical implementation.

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